Venture capital firms in the news.

on Aug 20, 2014 in Business

Venture-capital firms are simply large investment firms like Advantage Capital Partners that invest in that creation and development of new technologies and companies (see Advantage Capital Partners on Facebook). These are large investments that are placed in these startups.

The Benefits of Replacement Windows

on Jul 16, 2014 in Architecture, Green Design

Is your energy usage following the same pattern? As you look to address this problem, you should know that the cost of window replacements easily outweighs the cost of rising utility bills.

Tried and True Business Initiatives

on Jun 6, 2014 in Business

In this day and age, most individuals do business with call centers. It’s just become standard procedure. It doesn’t matter if the contact is through email, phone calls or mobile apps, you still want quality service. It’s that quality service which drives any business. Most people want to deal with skilled professionals. You want to be able to call up the person and get somewhere. You want someone who knows what he or she is talking about. To that end, we have come up with many benefits to using this type of software. Everything is conducted across a multi-layer dynamic. There are tons of methods for interaction. You want someone who is on top of the situation, at all times. This is why you need Verint Impact 360 Workforce Optimization. This keeps tabs on everything. Most businesses would be dead without it. Let’s look at some of the benefits and solutions, in...

Solutions for Business Efficiency

on Apr 22, 2014 in Business

Having a back office that is unorganized or slow can cause many problems with efficiency. Having a well-organized backoffice can help a business be much more efficient than before. There are even mobile back office solutions that can allow businesses to access their back office from remote locations.

Business and Design: Careers in Magazine Publishing

on Apr 21, 2014 in Graphic Design

There are many different types of careers in the National Magazine Exchange, and publishing business. It takes quite a bit of work to make a magazine come to life, below are a few examples. Writers Writers are a necessity when it comes to magazine publishing. While writers each have different specialties they all share the following qualities. -Strong imaginations for article concepts. -Belong to a specialty department. -Background and experience in journalism. Editors Editors play a pivotal role in magazine publishing by ensuring everything is spelled correctly. Editors spend hours upon hours reading over what writers have produced to ensure readers can make sense of the content. -Editors check over the copy from the writers to check for grammatical and spelling errors. -They make sure that articles are truthful and factual. -Give the OK to print. The Creative Department Having a...