Solutions for Business Efficiency

on Apr 22, 2014 in Business

Having a back office that is unorganized or slow can cause many problems with efficiency. Having a well-organized backoffice can help a business be much more efficient than before. There are even mobile back office solutions that can allow businesses to access their back office from remote locations.

Business and Design: Careers in Magazine Publishing

on Apr 21, 2014 in Graphic Design

There are many different types of careers in the National Magazine Exchange, and publishing business. It takes quite a bit of work to make a magazine come to life, below are a few examples. Writers Writers are a necessity when it comes to magazine publishing. While writers each have different specialties they all share the following qualities. -Strong imaginations for article concepts. -Belong to a specialty department. -Background and experience in journalism. Editors Editors play a pivotal role in magazine publishing by ensuring everything is spelled correctly. Editors spend hours upon hours reading over what writers have produced to ensure readers can make sense of the content. -Editors check over the copy from the writers to check for grammatical and spelling errors. -They make sure that articles are truthful and factual. -Give the OK to print. The Creative Department Having a creative department is extremely important. There are all kinds of ads, pictures, and a variety of other images that make up a enjoyable magazine. The creative department is an integral part of transforming a plain magazine to a enjoyable magazine. -Artists are needed for magazine graphics. -Photographers are needed to obtain unique pictures to keep readers interested. -Print specialists are needed to ensure magazine colors are not off color. Secretarial Professionals The secretarial professionals assist with the paperwork that is involved in the creation of a magazine. They make sure that people are getting the proper documentation that they require to travel or purchase services related to magazine development. -Secretaries are needed to keep the back office. -Responsibilities include getting paperwork ready for other members of the staff. -They offer support to other office staff when necessary. Sales The sales staff are largely responsible for obtaining magazine subscriptions. While most sales are done in a call center, there are a few deals that require sales staff to “hit the road” for bulk orders. -Sales professionals entice interested customers to order subscriptions. -Some large orders require sales staff to travel in order to secure large contracts. -Sales staff are also responsible for client retention. Billing Department The billing department is in charge of sending out invoices and other items to the customers. They collect money from subscriptions fees as well as vendors. -The billing department collects the money from both commercial and retail customers. -They send out snail mail invoices when necessary. -They handle staff payroll. Customer Service Customer Service is often handled in a customer service center. Many times customer service employees are specifically trained to answer the type of questions a customer might have. Phone, email or in person are just some ways customers are taken care of. -Customer service professionals are trained to answer common questions that a customer may have. -They assist customers by phone, email, or internet. -Customer service reps change every several hours to ensure good quality. Magazines are big business. The above career opportunities only represent only a fraction of jobs that are waiting for the right people in the publishing field. With the competition so fierce, future candidates need the proper training and education if they plan onapplying for a...

The Empire State Building: An International Icon

on Apr 11, 2014 in Architecture

Since its creation in 1931, the Empire State Building (ESRT been considered a symbol of our perseverance in the United States both physically and metaphorically. Everywhere else across the globe it is considered an icon of America’s strength and beauty.

2014 Trends: Window & Door Design

on Apr 3, 2014 in Architecture

Pride of ownership is a major driving force for home owners across the country. Combine that with people opting to stay in their present home or looking for older homes with character and it is easy to see a new trend arising in the window and door design trends.

LEED Certified & Green Design

on Apr 3, 2014 in Green Design

One of the most important developments in green design and architecture since its inception has been LEED Certification. This third-party system created to standardize methods for evaluating the sustainability and “green factor” of any new project is sweeping the entire globe.