Reasons for your business to go eco-friendly

on Feb 10, 2015 in Green Design

Everyone knows how expensive energy bills can get–especially if you have your own business or notice money that should be spent on something useful going towards electricity bills. But there are more incentives besides just the basic monetary ones to encourage your business to go green.

As leader in energy saving programs Cenergistic published, using an energy education program “is a positive way to turn America’s red, white and blue into green!” Businesses really do play a role in social change, and going green really is the right thing to do.

Building Information Modeling, the Future of Digital Representations

on Feb 3, 2015 in Technology

Building Information Modeling, which is also known as BIM is the production of digital representations of physical spaces. BIM 3D models have become popular for planning, designing and constructing buildings today. Technology in the 21st century has continued to simplify processes and reduce costs, while at the same time working to improve cohesion among groups working in the field. Latista Field mobile enterprise software is an example of an application, which uses the BIM app model. The BIM app allows construction teams to visualize their projects with a 3D representation of the project. Providing detailed 3D models, the capability to zoom and navigate throughout the model. The BIM 3D models provide a depiction of the floor plans, structure, electrical systems and other aspects of a building. If BIM is used properly construction teams have seen project times drastically reduced, which saves the amount of energy used, which in turn reduces costs. BIM helps you plan to make the most energy efficient buildings and decrease the waste of excessive building materials in the process. BIM work before was only accessible through large networks and desktop computers, but now BIM mobile makes it possible to benefit from BIM drawings. BIM has transformed the art of construction and architecture before our eyes. The BIM drawings bring to life the project and add another aspect to the simplicity of following a construction job...