Choosing the Right Head Hunter for your Company

on Jan 5, 2016 in Business

If you are located near our nation’s capital and are looking for a firm that will match the best talent to your business, or the best fit for your talents, you will probably search for executive head hunters like Nels Olson in the Washington, DC area. Choosing the right head hunter to use depends upon a businesses’ needs or the job hunter’s career goals.

The Lucas Group, located at 1747 Pennsylvania Avenue NW has extensive resources for job seekers and hiring companies alike. They advertise that they help military service people transition to private sector jobs. They have specialized recruitment subdivisions such as Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Sales and Manufacturing. The website has a friendly tone and emphasizes teamwork and transition.

SparksIT Solutions, advertises that they are the top recruiting firm in the DC area. Their website includes informational blogs for employers about the benefits of employee retention, including slashing human resource staffing cost. For job hunters, they include tips on creating a job winning resume. As the name suggests, SparksIT specializes in Informational Technology talent and their website has the look and tone that would appeal to younger companies and job seekers.

Tangent Corporation has been in the head hunting business for 30 years, and is the oldest privately held executive search firm in the DC area. They also have a branch company, Tangent West, in Colorado. They specialize in executive and administrative positions and their site includes sample positions, including jobs with Fortune 500 companies. According to their website, they also handle temporary worker placement.

Boyden Global Executive Search is a worldwide company with a branch in DC. The firm was founded in 1946 and has handled recruitment in Washington since 1978. The look and tone of their site is upscale, polished and traditional. You can tell it is a global firm as they use the term “CV” instead of “Resume”.

JDG Associates Ltd recruits for government, non–profit and association positions as well as private sector jobs in the DC area.

Executive Head Hunters can be a business owner or job hunter’s best friend in the business world. Be sure to read reviews and ratings for recruitment firms before contracting with them.