How to Decide to Use an Executive Recruiter in Washington DC

on Nov 28, 2017 in Business

Washington D.C. is a bustling metropolis that is ripe for a young executive in the job market. Nels Olson
and other Executive recruiters in the nation’s capital are always on the lookout for qualified candidates with experience, skills, and that extra something. If you have the resume and feel an executive recruiter would benefit you, investigate and research the subject. Better yet let us do it for you and consider the following:

What Is An Executive Recruiter?
Also known as headhunters, executive recruiters aim to place qualified executives with the company that best fits their education, skills, and experience.

Pre-Interview Check List for Your Meeting With An Executive Recruiter:
Groom yourself immaculately
Dress to impress
Have multiple copies of all personal documents (resume, references, etc…)
Eye contact
Firm handshake
Be yourself

What Positions/Occupations Do They Recruit For?
While some executive recruiters focus on a single industry or niche, there are some who offer a wide range of possibilities for executives looking for their next career move. There are recruiters for every type of profession:
Business Management Executives
IT / Technology

What to Look For In an Executive Recruiter?
Make sure that you’re approaching a recruiting firm that has an established track record with references, reviews, and past client comments. Once you’re confident that you’re in contact with a reputable firm relax and ask plenty of questions. The firm will pair you with an executive recruiter who will guide you from step a to z on every aspect of what needs to be done as a prerequisite before you’ll qualify to step into the workforce.

What Are The Dynamics Behind The Process Of Obtaining Employment Through An Executive Recruiter?
The executive recruiter will thoroughly vet the potential client to get an understanding of their strengths. Once an understanding of your level of knowledge, performance, and experience is gained the recruiter will begin to analyze their existing partner companies looking to fill positions. They will select the companies/positions which they feel you have the greatest chance of success and introduce your profile for their consideration. The hiring process may a bit more arduous often involving multiple interviews, tests, and inquires.

3 Great Executive Recruiters Serving the D.C. Area:

1. Elizabeth Lopez
2. Taufique Alam
3. Mirella Cortez

When considering an executive recruiter to further your need remember that there all serval good choices available to you.