Organizations that Hire for Call Centers

on Jun 19, 2017 in Business

A call center is an office equipped with multiple communication devices (computers, headsets, telephones, etc…) designed to handle and resolve large amounts of telephone calls from customers, usually, purchasing items or requiring customer service. Many businesses and organizations have call centers-some on site, some online. There are also call centers staffed strictly for telemarketing purposes only.

There are many agencies that focus on assisting in the hiring for call centers. Similar to a standard employment agency, upon arrival, one is given assessments to determine a person’s abilities, desires, availability, and overall personality. After all assessments are conducted and a personal profile is created, the staff /counselor proceeds with a one-on-one consultation with the client and presents them with their choice(s) of appropriate employment opportunities (in this case, call center opportunities).
As mentioned earlier, employment agencies perform assessments in order to provide appropriate jobs to their clients. One such agency that focuses specifically on creating jobs for persons with disabilities is SourceAmerica. Because nearly 80% of the “disabled” population cannot find jobs, SourceAmerica‘s mission is to make the American dream come true by creating suitable employment opportunities and business solutions. They have a positive, “can do it” attitude which has resulted in them exceeding their customers expectations for more than forty years.

SourceAmerica has several programs with the goal of being beneficial to the disabled population. Some of the programs include :

PATHWAYS TO CAREERS-This program connects persons with disabilities with internship in line and in sync with their skills and interests

QUALITY WORK ENVIRONMENT(QWE)-This program identifies and executes the best practices so the employees will have vocational advantages, an increase in wages, and greater possibilities for advancement

IDEAS TO WORK FUND-This grant program provides matching grants to non-profit organizations for the purpose of creating more jobs for those with disabilities. The primary goal is for nonprofits to develop innovative initiatives geared to create additional and significant employment opportunities.

There are several other agencies that are designed to hire for call centers. For example, Ranstad USA, Worldwide Call Centers, Inc., and National Association of Call Centers (NACC) assess their clients as potential employees for call centers.

Aside from focusing on improving the lives of those with disabilities, SourceAmerica also recognizes the outstanding efforts of their staff and employees towards achieving the mission and values of SourceAmerica which awards individuals, nonprofits, employees, and advocates as well.