The 10 Best Graphic Design Agencies

on Apr 3, 2014 in Graphic Design

Graphic design is used in many applications. You may hire a graphic designer to develop your advertising billboard, or possibly flyers you will hand out for your next sale. Graphic designers are used to artistically design that next T shirt that all the teens are wearing, or the coffee mugs that are being given as awards to the top employees of a corporation.

Every where you look you will see graphic design. What we have done here is put together our choice of the top 10 graphic design agencies. You may want to research these agencies when you are in need of an item that will need a graphic designer.

1: Visual Asylum

This is a rather large firm located in San Diego, California. They will take on nearly any graphic design project

2: Go Media

located in Cleveland, Ohio, this firm has a passion for graphic design.

3: Stray Dog Branding

This award winning design firm is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. They love to take on new products.

4: Forty Seven Media

I love their statement; “Want average? Don’t hire us.” It just shows these two guys from Knoxville, Tennessee are truly crazy.

5: Jar Design

Just seeing this amazing website tells me they have the tiger by the tail at Jar Design. They hail from Burlington, Vermont.

6: Studio 7 Design

Known for the ultimate in mobile applications and web interfaces, this design firm works it all from Victoria, British Columbia.

7: Karacters Design Group

With offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Toronto, Canada, this great graphic design agency specializes in product packaging.

8: 400

For this artistic graphic design agency, we will sail across the Atlantic Ocean to London, England. A small agency with huge clients.

9: Sublot Design

Coming to you from Vancouver, British Columbia in full color. They have the color angle cornered.

10: Brownjohn

Brownjohn is in London, England. Their touch is making simple desirable.

When you are searching for the best graphic design agencies, these should all be on your list. They are in no particular order. They are all great in their own way.