Wonders of Buena Vista Miami

on Oct 24, 2016 in Uncategorized

In the location of what started as a pineapple plantation is now the nostalgic town of Buena Vista. Featuring quaint neighborhoods constructed in the 1920’s, this town offers close proximity to Little Hattie to the South, and the Miami Art District, to the North. The Biltmore and Shadowland subdivisions were among the first to be built by the Georgia and North Carolina immigrants who flooded the area. From there, local businessmen soon inhabited the neighborhood. From there it became a town of wealthy residents to include doctors, novelets, magistrates, ambassadors, and the cities elite, each of their homes reflecting the owner’s social status. Being an artistic community, many inhabitants used intricate materials to design their homes. They often built their homes to feature fine examples of Art Deco and Mediterranean Revival. Many homes also featured beautiful Mediterranean Gardens. These gardens often consisted of tropical greenery and avocado or mango groves. Taking a walk through this historic part of town, a tourist can see that the design elements of the past still show through today.

Buena Vista is located near Biscayne Bay and several high-end retail locations. Today, it is considered one of the most highly sought after neighborhoods in Miami. From high end restaurants to celebrity sightings, this town is the place to be. If you like to travel, 1-95 and the Miami International Airport is just moments away. Want to stop by a neighboring town, you can stop by the entertainment destination of South Beach, or travel to Coconut Grove for relaxation. If you want to stay in town there are numerous places to visit as well. It has a unique art scene that cultivates creativity. There are many nearby areas with work studios and galleries featuring new and establish artist. The town also features many locations that have been frequented by celebrity guest. Cypress Tavern, Paradise Pizza, Ella, Adamar Fine Art, and Gavanna are just some of the hot spots you should visit if you’re interested in celebrity sightings. Craig Robins and Singer Beyonce, have been known to hang around.

Buena Vista is rich with history. Walking through the town can provide relaxing. The local flavor is warm and inviting. You can visit retail locations, as well as the many new restaurants popping up. It’s the town to be in for a good time and a celebrity sighting.